1YA Bleu


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1YA Bleu
1YA Bleu
1YA Bleu

Ship Date: September 9th

The one year anniversary of the original Tinikini is celebrated with this exquisite piece, giving you luxury in Swim. Sel designed this one year anniversary Tinikini with intent of putting her name in Swarovski crystals on the front and back of the product so that whether your facing forward or turned around, everyone will know you’re in a SEL TINIKINI. This design and name was the ultimate trendsetter of the year, we wanted to give you a piece so glamorous that celebrated the brand’s creation of the TINIKINI. 



Swarovski crystals 

WASH: dry clean only!

Let the product air dry after it’s been worn in water.  


XS/S fits: AAA-full B cup

24-38 Hip Size

M/L fits: B cup- DD cup

35-45 Hip Size

It was made and meant to be scrunched for less coverage, if more coverage is your preference we do recommend a size up.

The triangular tops are intended for side and front view show hence - the tinikini.